St.Bursoumas Public School & Junior College
Affiliated to CBSE, Reg. No.930375,
Ayranikudy P.O - 689 515, Edappon, Alappuzha (Dist)
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Parents/Guardian can register the admission at St.Bursoumas Public School for their children directly from here. You will be getting a phone call or email after verification..


Admission is open to all irrespective of caste/ colour or creed. Ours is a co-educational institution. The school makes a very careful selection of the pupils and demand high standards in ideals and attainments. Age limit for admission to lst Std. is 5 years.

There shall be two Terminal Examinations and two Mid-Term Examinations excluding Unit tests, Assignment and Project in an academic year. Promotion is based on yearly performance and not merely on the basis of the final examination.
A pupil who fails more than once in the same class may be asked to leave the school, or remain in the same class for another year.

Parents may please ensure that.........
1. Children are expected to come to school regularly and in clean and proper School Uniform.
2. Costly and fancy ornaments are not allowed to wear and expensive articles are not brought to school by the pupils.
3. The children are always be polite and courteous to teachers, other school staff members and guests at all times.
4. Return of progress reports, remittance of School fee, bus fares and other School dues are done promptly on the dates specified. A
5. The books are neatly covered and labelled.
6. Children suffering from infectious diseases are sent to School only after complete recovery.
7. Leave modiļ¬cation are entered on the pages provided forthe purpose in the diary in advance.
8. Children and their escorts are at the assigned bus point well on time.
9. This Diary is not used as a rough book, and it is to be brought to School every day. The pages for communication between parents and teachers are to be used properly.
10. When and if the child is selected to participate in any competition or any School Programme, he/ she reports for practice or rehearsals regularly and does not abstain from the event.
11. They visit the School very often to discuss the progress of their child with Teachers/ Principal Suchmeetings are to be arranged through the Principal.
12. Parents are not allowed to meet Teachers/Wards in the class rooms.

With the Holy Blessings of St.Bursouma,..... "God bless our Children and our School we teach the love of God"

St.Bursoumas Public School & Junior College

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Affiliated to CBSE, Reg.No. 930375
Ayranikudy P.O., Edappon - 689 515, Alappuzha (Dist),
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